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Natural Sphatik Mala - Smoky
Natural Sphatik Mala - Smoky
Natural Sphatik Mala - Smoky
Natural Sphatik Mala - Smoky

Natural Sphatik Mala - Smoky

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Smoky Sphatik crystal mala with 108 beads.

100% pure, natural & authentic sphatik crystal mala with 108+1 beads.

This mala is very useful for controlling body temperature and providing mental peace. Sphatik is cold in nature that's why it reduces your body temperature and maintains it to the normal form.

This transparent gem is considered to be the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi, so whoever wears this mala gets the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

The beads of this mala are formed from the crystals of ice which is permanently frozen. 

Most of the people wear this mala for healing purpose, because of it's amazing healing properties. You can also use this mala for chanting purposes. 


Some Miraculous benefits of this Sphatik Crystal Mala.


  1. Meditation: Sphatik crystal malas are used as meditation aids. This quartz crystals are believed to help clear the mind, improve focus, and can enhance one's meditation experience.

  2. Chakra Balancing: Sphatik malas are also associated with balancing and aligning the chakras (energy centers) in the body. Sphatik is believed to help cleanse and balance the energy flow through the chakras.

  3. Healing Properties: Sphatik is often considered a healing stone in various practices. Some people also uses Sphatik malas for emotional and mental healing purposes.

  4. Positive Energy: Sphatik is thought to have the ability to enhance energy and thoughts. Wearing a Sphatik mala is said to promote positivity and dispel negative energy.

  5. Clarity and Focus: Sphatik is believed to enhance mental clarity, decision-making abilities and concentration. It may help in achieving a sense of mental calmness and inner peace.

  6. Protection: Some people believe that Sphatik malas offer protection against negative influences and energies.

  7. Amplifying Intentions: Sphatik is often used as a tool for manifesting intentions. Users may program their malas with specific intentions and use them as a reminder of their goals.

  8. Spiritual Connection: Sphatik is considered a high-vibration crystal stone, and it is believed to enhance one's spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms of consciousness.


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