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Coral Stone Mala (taiwanese)
Coral Stone Mala (taiwanese)
Coral Stone Mala (taiwanese)

Coral Stone Mala (taiwanese)

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What are the benefits of coral stone mala?

Red coral (moonga) is the gemstone of planet Mars (Mangal), it helps the wearer to emerge out from the bad impact of Mangal Dosh.
This stone enhances the effect of mars in the wearer's life. The person who wears this stone mala becomes mentally, physically healthy and it also increases the wearer's confidence, beauty, courage, and intelligence.
People who are facing problems with their sex life (sexually unhealthy) can wear this stone for positive results because mars are related to blood, immune system, and sexual health.
If you are in property-related business such as real estate, property dealing, etc then you should wear the red coral stone for the best results or profits. In astrology, the planet mars rule the property and land (Bhoomi).

Who can wear coral stone mala? 

Although the coral mala can wear anybody, this stone gives an amazing advantage to people with Aries(mesh) and Scorpio(Vrischika) horoscope. this stone is also known as the birthstone of Aries.  
People whose horoscope master is planet Mars should wear the coral stone.

How to use coral stone mala?

 This coral stone mala should be worn on Tuesday in the morning. so take a bath and wear your clean clothes after a bath.
Sit facing towards your pooja or in a quiet place close your eyes and chant the mantra "Aum Ang Angarkay Namah , ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः" 108 times and then wear the coral ring in the index finger of your working hand.
The coral stone can be studded in gold or silver ring.

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