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10 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet (Silver)
10 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet (Silver) - Rudradhyay
10 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet (Silver) - Rudradhyay
10 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet (Silver) - Rudradhyay

10 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet (Silver)

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Natural brown color 10 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha mala with silver capping.

In 10 Mukhi Rudraksha, you will get to see 10 natural partitions or cuts on the surface of Rudraksha.

This Rudraksha Bracelet is ruled by Lord Krishna.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet is also ruled by all nine planets. 

According to Hindu mythology, there are 10 avatars of Lord Krishna and these rudraksha bracelets have blessings of all 10 avatars of Lord Krishna. 

It is also said that this Rudraksha bracelet is also blessed by Lord Yamraaj.

Why 10 Mukhi Rudraksha bracelet?

  • Wearing ten-face Rudraksha bracelet gets protection from magic and phantom barrier.
  • This Rudraksha bracelet also reduces the malefic of all planets. 
  • It is also very helpful in solving disputes in the home or office.
  • Helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia and sleeping disorders.
  • Protect wearers from negative energy, spirits, or ghosts.
  • Cure sex-related problems.
  • Due to wearing ten face rudraksha bracelet, asthma, arthritis, stomach, and eye diseases are removed.
  • If any planet in your horoscope is troubling you then you will get benefit from wearing ten faces Rudraksha mala.

This product is 100% natural and lab-certified. you will get a lab certificate of Rudraksha on the purchase of this Rudraksha.  

How to use 10 Mukhi Rudraksha bracelet? 

  • This Rudraksha bracelet should be worn on "Monday" morning before 12 noon. so take a bath and wear your clean clothes after a bath. sit in a quiet place or near pooja.
  • Sit facing towards your pooja close your eyes and chant the mantra "AUM HREEM NAMAH (ॐ ह्रीं नमः)" 108 times and then wear the Rudraksha bracelet.

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Customer Reviews

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Abhishek Jadhav
10 mukhi bracelet

Beeds are Smaller than expected but it's ok if the give fruitful results.
Certificate printed on paper proper card should be provided of certificate


How many beads are in 10 mukhi braclet of 10 mukhi and are they clearly shown


Wich mm size each rudraksha