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2 Mukhi Rudraksha | 2 mukh rudraksha benefits

(2 Mukhi Rudraksha - 2 Mukhi rudraksha benefits and it's uses).

According to Shiv Purana Rudraksha it is said that just chanting the name of Rudraksha it gives the benefit of 10 gau daan, if we only touch rudraksha we get the benefit of 2000 gau daan, if we wear it on ears then we get the benefit of 11k gau daan, if we wear it on head then we get the benefit of 1 crore gau daan and if we wear it on neck then we get the uncountable benefits.

It is believed that negative energies would not come across to that person who wears Rudraksha.  Rudraksha tree looks alike Guava tree in which fruits occur in mid of November. There is a shell on fruits which takes near about 8-10 months to get dry. After removing the shell rudraksha we get rudraksha bead.

Two mukhi rudraksha has two clefts on it. It is an identity of lord Ardhnareshwar. It helps to attain the peace of mind. The ardhanarishwar form is a fusion of male and female energy. It helps to seek prestige and harmony in married life and make a balance between the pairs so that the arguments would not happen.

Shiv parvati

After wearing this rudraksha you will feel the mental peace. As we all know that nowadays life is becoming more stressful than before so all we need is peace. Just for sake of peace people are doing so many things, wearing rudraksha is one of them. It also helps to heal the emotions and also enhances creativity in one’s life. It also helps in preventing the disease related to kidney, hypertension, and heat-related problems.

This Rudraksha is also beneficial for them who have Tauras, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Libra Zodiac sign.

If you want to buy rudraksha then give preference to Nepal rudraksha. It is believed that Nepal Rudraksha is the most powerful and strongest as compare to another rudraksha. It always gives instant result and all we want that positive thing to happen to us instantly.

two mukhi rudraksha nepali


There are four variations in colors: -

White Two-Face Rudraksha- It helps to prevent premature death and bless the person with a long life. Brahmin people get more benefits if they wear white color rudraksha.

Red Two-Face Rudraksha- It is an identity of Lord Shiva and Parvati if a person wears this Rudraksha get rid of all the sins which he/she did in his life. Kashatriya people get more benefits if they wear red color rudraksha.

Yellow Two-Face Rudraksha- This Rudraksha helps the wearer fulfill their needs. Shudra people get more benefits if they wear yellow rudraksha.

Black Two-Face Rudraksha- It helps the wearer to attain wealth and prosperity in life. It is believed that who worship this rudraksha all the troubles from one’s life get away. Vaishya people get more benefits if they wear black color rudraksha.

Two-Face Rudraksha Mantra: -

According to Padma Purana- Om Om Namah

According to Skanda Purana- Om Shrin Namah

According to Shiv purana- Om Namah

According to Yogsara- Om Om Namah

How to wear it?

The best day of wearing rudraksha is Monday but it can also be wear on the following days as well I.e. Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Get up early in the morning take bath and wear clean clothes then go to any temple of Lord Shiva where there is Shiv Ling and clean the place where you worship the rudraksha, then wash the rudraksha with raw milk than with water after that sprinkle gangajal on it. It may be wear on red silk thread after touching it into Shivling and chant the beej mantra OM ARDHANARESHWAR DEVAI NAMAH.

Importance of Two-Face Rudraksha­: -

  • It helps the wearer to increase the concentration power and to attain the stress-free life.
  • It helps to maintain the balance between the relationship of husband and wife.
  • It maintains unity and loyalty in any relationship and also increases the confidence level.

Benefits of Two-Face Rudraksha:

  • If one is facing difficulty or problems in their married life then this rudraksha is very beneficial for them.
  • It brings positivity in relation so that they would mutually understand each other.
  • It helps to cure the decrease related to kidney, gastroenteritis problem, heart-related problem and helps to boosts up your memory.
  • It is also beneficial for whom who is in search of best life partner.
  • It also helps to bring pleasure and spiritual gains in wearer life.
  • It also helps to cure the negative effects of Planet Moon. So those who have weak moon in their kundli should wear two face rudraksha.

Do’s and Don’ts of Two-Face Rudraksha:-

  • Don’t drink alcohol while wearing rudraksha.
  • Non-vegetarian food is also prohibited for rudraksha wearer.
  • Don’t wear rudraksha while sleeping before going to sleep place it where you worship the god.
  • Always worship rudraksha before wearing in the morning.
  • Don’t wear defective beads.
  • After wearing it keep trust on Lord Shiva and worship it daily.
  • Don’t make anyone touch your rudraksha when you wearing it.

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