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Tulsi Mala - All You Need to Know

About Tulsi Mala

Ocimum tenuiflarum(scientific name) of holy basils or Tulsi.

Tulsi has great importance in Hindu religion, we worship tulsi and it is also used as medicine which cures so many seasonal diseases. by keeping tulsi plant in the courtyard all the negativity around the house goes away.

Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu, that's why the devotees of Lord Vishnu wears Tulsi mala around their neck.

According to Hindu scriptures there are mainly 2 types of Tulsi mala, one is Rama Tulsi and the other one is Shyama Tulsi, although both have similar benefits but still there is a lot of difference in their color and form.

Rama Tulsi is Dark green (brighter) colored Tulsi where as Shyama Tulsi has a purple texture. both Rama & Shyama are incarnations of lord Vishnu that's why there is no such difference in their quality also.

How Tulsi mala is made?

Tulsi mala is made from the roots, twigs & woods of the plant Tulsi. first the Tulsi plant's root twigs and wood are plucked and dried in the son for a few days and then they are given the round or long shape manually. After that a hole is made by drilling the round basil by the machine so that the thread or string can be inserted. once this whole process is done then it is threaded into a thread and given the form of mala.

Benefits of Tulsi mala?

  • Wearing Tulsi mala brings purity in both mind and sound.
  • Wearing Tulsi mala also increase honor, prestige and self respect.
  • After wearing Tulsi mala man's spiritual energy increases and he consider himself closure to god.
  • Those people whose mind wonders and does not feel like working should wear Tulsi mala. wearing it also provided peace of mind.
  • By wearing Tulsi mala planet mercury and Jupiter keep clam & strong and provides positive benefits.
  • Tulsi mala is very effective for connecting the mind and body.
  • Wearing a Tulsi mala puts pressure on certain acupressure points of the body, which helps us to stay calm in difficult situation.
  • By wearing Tulsi mala the body may feel good electric communication, which helps a lot in healthy blood circulation.
  • Tulsi mala helps in bad cough.


Precautions after wearing Tulsi Mala.

  • Those who wear Tulsi mala should stay away from Garlic, Onion and non-veg foods. gambling, alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited after wearing Tulsi mala.
  • Never wear Tulsi mala as a bracelet it should be used as mala only.
  • One should never share his Tulsi mala with someone, never wear someone's Tulsi mala also.
  • Tulsi mala is said to be very holy and clean, that's why the wearer also has to be Physically and mentally clean.
  • Tea and coffee contain nicotine  in large quantities, which is a kind of intoxication, people wearing Tulsi mala should not consume tea and coffee either.
  • Illegal relation should not be made after wearing Tulsi mala, its a grave sin.
  • True devotees of lord Vishnu never takes of their Tulsi mala. that's why once the Tulsi mala is worn it should be removed rarely.
  • Thinking of committing a sin after wearing a Tulsi mala is also a sin.
  • Do not use your wearing mala for japa purpose both should be different.


How to wear Tulsi mala?

The first step is to sprinkle the Gangajal or Panchamrit on your Tulsi mala.

now apply the paste of sandal wood on it.

Offer Diya and dhoop to incance to the mala.

Offer flowers to the mala, usually white or red.

At the end make mala touch with Lord Vishnu's picture or photo and chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare ram, Hare Ram, Ram Ram, Hare Hare at least 8 times.