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8 Mukhi Rudraksha | 8 Mukhi Rudraksha benefits and it's uses

(8 Mukhi Rudraksha | 8 Mukhi Rudraksha benefits and it's uses) 

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is an extremely powerful and effective bead. It is as strong as eight Mountains.  It is a symbol of Lord Ganesh who is the lord of removing all the obstacles. The wearer gets rid of all problems like grief and sorrows. The Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is also known as Aath Mukhi Rudraksha. In India, everywhere God Ganesha was worship before any new beginning. Ganesha is known for good beginnings and Aath Mukhi Rudraksha could help you in evoking right decisions. If the wearer wore the bead with proper rituals and pooja, this bead stone will be helpful in removing miseries.

An 8 Mukhi Rudraksha has eight mukhas on its surface. The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Ganesha who is also known as "Vighna Harta" i.e. the destroyer of all obstacles. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is able to achieve in every mission by blessings of Lord Ganesha. The most important effects of this Rudrakshas are that it removes problems so that the wearer is able to succeed easily thereby leading a happier life. The lord Ganesha is much worshiped before starting up a good venture. Proper Dharan of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha will be beneficial for activating you and reducing problems of low energies.

This Rudraksha is very well known and also related to Lord Kartikeya who is the elder brother of Lord Ganesha and elder son of Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha also enhances the power of Lord Kartikeya and stability of mind so that the wearer is able to remain more calm and composed. Certain objections in life could easily distract people, the Dharan of 8 Mukhi Rudraksha could easily remove obstacles.

Aath Mukhi Rudraksha is highly suggested to enhance willpower. Many business professionals and highly rich persons have involved in the industry wear this Rudraksha bead. In order to gather the positive benefits of this Rudraksha, it is important to give equal respect. The wearer after Dharan of Aath Mukhi rudraksha could even help in taking up more and more challenges.

8 mukhi rudraksha nepali


Eight Mukhi Rudraksha can help in bringing success. Even science has proved that Rudraksha beads do have various electromagnetic powers that could work wonders or as magic in our body system. The daily Dharan of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha can help in regulating the blood circulation and musculoskeletal system.

Presiding Deity: Ganesha

Ruling Planet: Rahu

Beej Mantra: Om Hum Namah

ganesha sitting

General Benefits:

Removes all problems, obstacles and brings success in all undertakings.

It gives the wearer all kinds of benefits - Riddhies and Siddhies.

Spiritual Benefits:

Rudraksha is a divine bead and it bestows all kinds of spiritual, mental and physical benefits to its wearer.

In order to get full benefits from Rudraksha, it needs to be sanctified and empowered before using it for the first time by a ceremony called “Pran Pratishtha”.

Health Benefits:

As per result, this Rudraksha is extremely favorable for treating various diseases of lungs, fear of snakes, nervous system, prostate, gall bladder and cataract, hydrosil and respiratory problems.

Various colors of Rudraksha are:

  • White Rudraksha –People who wear white color rudraksha have strong self-confidence power, get physically well and it removes all the difficulty from wearer’s life.
  • Red Rudraksha- It is said that whoever wears or worship this red Rudraksha get rid of all the sins of past life and effectively burnt.
  • Yellow Rudraksha- The persons who wear yellow color rudraksha gain a comfortable life.
  • Black Rudraksha- The most important quality of this Rudraksha is that the wearer gets health benefits, spiritual benefits, wealth, success, develop a positive attitude and help people to reduce their problems.

 Mantras of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha:-

“Om Hum Namah” - Chant this mantra as many time as you can while doing Japa when wearing the Eight Mukhi Rudraksha.

 How to wear it?

An Eight Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn around the neck as a Pendant, after washing the beads properly.

It can also be worn as a Bracelet around the wrist or it can also be kept in the place of worship.

You can put the bead in haldi water for one day and then next day wear the bead after doing pooja.

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha Properties:

Brings huge success to the wearer.

Activates you and eradicate problems of low energies.

Positivity and contentment powers.

Removing various types of obstacles.

Helps in increasing creativity in the mind of the wearer.

Enhanced willpower.

Helps in removing miseries.

Clears out negative effects.

Helps in regulating musco-skeletal system.

Importance of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha: -

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha helps in removing all types of problems from the life of its wearer.

It ensures overall achievement and the wearer never faces defeat from his opponents.

This bead can easily cure the malefic effects of planet Rahu

It is helpful in curing mysterious kind of diseases and provides a shield against evil spirits, nightmares, skin diseases and diseases of Lungs, Feet, Skin and Hydroceol.

It insulates the wearer from stress, mental pressure and anxiety due to repeated failures.

This Rudraksha is also very good for those persons who are having "Sarp Dosh" (Planet Rahu in the 5th House) in their horoscope.

An Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is broadly used by people who are interested in Occult as it is very good for them.

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing Eight face Rudraksha: -

After buying Eight Mukhi Rudraksha bead wash it with clean fresh water and dip it in the cow’s milk for one day before wearing.

  • Worship it every day.
  • Always keep trust on it.
  • Don’t flaunt it to anyone.
  • Don’t wear broken bead.
  • Don’t give your bead to anyone.
  • Don’t use chemical soap after wearing it.
  • Don’t eat non-veg food after wearing it.
  • Don’t drink alcohol after wearing it.
  • Remove it before going to funeral service.
  • Make sure not to wear eight face rudraksha mala because it is very powerful.
  • Remove it before sleeping and place it where you worship God.