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Serpentine Stone Bracelet
Serpentine Stone Bracelet
Serpentine Stone Bracelet

Serpentine Stone Bracelet

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Serpentine is often referred as to as "New Jade. Spiritual transformation and charka alignment are aided by serpentine Bracelet. Supports the deliberate channelling of healing energy toward problem regions and helps in the correction of mental and emotional imbalances.

Serpentine Bracelet can be beneficial after meditation or psychic practice. Serpentine Stone is a truly simple stone that comes in a variety of colours, including greenish-dark, red, caramel red, tannish yellow, yellow, and white, despite the fact that it is predominantly in shades of green from genuinely light green to darker green.

The stone resembles snakeskin.

Benefits of Serpentine Stone:-

Serpentine counteracts bad energies. It aids in the removal of all blockages that upset the mind and cause health problems.

This was the stone used in mediaeval times to extract snake venoms in the event of a snake bite.

Serpentine is commonly employed in Vedic Astrology to enhance the favourable effects of Mercury and Rahu.

It's a tool for attracting and manifesting wealth in your life. 

Excellent meditation Bracelet.

Aids in healing and personal development.

Assists in personal growth and transition.

Gemini and Virgo are the best zodiac signs to be born under. 

It's known for clearing muddled chakra zones. Detoxifies the blood and the entire body. 

It promotes longevity. 

Helps with heart, kidney, and stomach problems.

Beneficial for diabetics. 

Serpentine is also important for cellular renewal. 

Removes emotional barriers, which aids in the healing of a lack of energy. 

This Bracelet is beneficial to those pursuing careers in the fields of medicine, accounting, and information technology. 

Helps kids increase their concentration and focus.

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