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Pure Navratna Mala
Pure Navratna Mala

Pure Navratna Mala

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The Navratna garland is made from nine gems. Any person, woman, and man can wear this garland. Wearing this garland increases age-health, wealth, position, prestige, etc. In particular, people whose horoscopes are located in a weak position, they get to benefit from wearing this garland. Inauspicious effects of new planets are removed by the effect of the Nav Ratna Mala. And good fruits increase. In this way, worship of Nav Ratna Mala increases happiness and prosperity in life.

Benefits of Nav Ratan Mala:

Wearing good quality Navratna Mala benefits from all kinds of complete obstacles in life and for all kinds of well-being.

One should wear the garland of Navratna for mental and navagraha peace.

Separate donations of Navratna rosary on its own will give benefits to the wearer by incorporating the wealth of the planets related to him.

Wearing a Navratna Mala gives many benefits. Such as fame, honor, wealth, gain in material prosperity, and benefits from diseases like phlegm, cold disease, fever, etc. And happiness leads to prosperity.

How to wear Nav Ratan Mala:

This garland should be worn in the morning on Sunday and Thursday. Many qualities are found in Navratna Mala, wearing it gives many successes and achievements.

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