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Cat's Eye Stone Mala - 108 Beads
Cat's Eye Stone Mala - 108 Beads
Cat's Eye Stone Mala - 108 Beads

Cat's Eye Stone Mala - 108 Beads

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 About Cat's eye Stone Mala:

The cat's eye stone may is a quite fascinating gem. Found in numerous colors such as honey, green, black, and pea green. it's additionally referred to as Lehsunia, Vaiduria, and mineral.

It is the gem of Planet Ketu with intense planetary energies and shows effects quite quickly. Cat’s Eye is believed to nullify the consequences of Ketu upon a
personality. As a result of this reason, individuals crave to adopt cat-eye gems.

Cat's eye gemstone mala possesses the power to protects its user from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers, and diseases. it's ordinarily milk-like in color.
The gem is extremely hot in nature. Within the event that it doesn't suit the user, the gem typically provides immediate signals like uneasiness, restlessness, etc. The Cat’s Eye is meant to counter the evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. it's going to forestall sudden mishaps of life, hardening mania, dysfunction, etc. protects
the user from accidents and secret enemies.

Health benefits of Cat's eye Stone Mala:

  • It is a stone that's believed to herald comforts to a person’s life by increment in wealth and higher luck to the user.
  • Wearing a cat’s eye stone mala as an amulet will offer psychic protection and may guard the user against the results of evil looks.
  • It is a stone that's believed to assist in healing from cancer.
  • Those who have issues with their emotion, with the usage of the cat’s eye mala will enhance their senses and take care of the difficult state of mindset.
  • Cat's eye stone mala helps the wearer to empower and strengthen their physical weakness and mental imbalances and helps to revive memory in turn promise of good health.
  • The Ketu Dasha, which is thought united of the worst and longest remaining dosh (ill-effects) that last around eighteen years is soothed if someone wears the cat’s eye stone. 


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  • Spherical shape beads.
  • For both men and women.
  • Eye-catching mala.
  • A durable product to use.

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