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8ct Hessonite (Gomed) - Origin Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - Rudradhyay
8ct Hessonite (Gomed) - Origin Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - Rudradhyay

8ct Hessonite (Gomed) - Origin Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

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  • Beautiful natural Hessonite (गोमेद) from sri lanka (Ceylon) with weight 8.00ct
  • Hessonite is the stone of planet Sun (Rahu).
  • Hessonite can be used for both jewelry and astrological purpose.
  • The best and most common advantage of hessonite is that it can enhance wearers concentration power and focus. it also relieves wearer from depression, anxiety, and hypertension.
  • Products purity and natural nature make it unique from other similar products.
  • Hessonite is also known as Gomed stone.
  • You can wear hessonite in both the ring and pendant form. if you are wearing it on finger than the middle and little finger is the best fit for you.

Gemstone     = Hessonite(गोमेद)
Certification   = Free lab certification 
Shape           = oval
Compostion  = Natural 
Return policy = 10 Days 
Origin            = Sri Lanka 
Colour           = Reddish brown 
Wt(carat)       = 8.00ct
Wt(gm)          = 1.6


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