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10.40ct red coral (capsule) - Italian - Rudradhyay
10.40ct red coral (capsule) - Italian - Rudradhyay

10.40ct red coral (capsule) - Italian

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  • Beautiful natural coral (मूंगा) from Italy with weight 10.40ct.
  • Free purity lab certification will be provided.
  • Coral can be used for both jewelry and astrological purpose.
  • Red coral is the gemstone of planet Mars.
  • Red coral improves wearer mental & physical health and it also increases wearers confidence, beauty, and courage.
  • This product is 100% pure and natural.
  • It can be adopted in both ring and pendant form.
  • The ring should be worn in the index finger of your working hand and it should be worn on Tuesday.

Gemstone     = Coral (मूंगा)
Certification   = Free lab certification 
Shape           = Capsule 
Compostion  = Natural 
Return policy = 10 Days 
Origin            = Italian 
Colour           = Red
Wt(carat)       = 10.40ct
Wt(gm)          = 2.08


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