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Sampurna Lakshmi puja samagri
Sampurna Lakshmi puja samagri

Sampurna Lakshmi puja samagri

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This Sampurna Lakshmi Puja Samagri is a combination of all the puja items required for Diwali puja.

This Puja kit contains Parad Lakshmi Ganesha, Parad Charan paduka, Parad shree yantra, Parad Kachwa shree yantra, dakshinavarti shankh, 7 mukhi rudraksha, gomati chakra, laghu nariyal, Kodhi. 

Parad Lakshmi Ganesha:- This Parad Lakshmi Ganesha worshipped by Lakshmi-Ganesh Mantra. Goddess Lakshmi is known as a Goddess of Laxmi, seated on a beautifully crafted lotus and symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Lord Ganesha is worshipped before any pooja and also called "Vighnaharta" who removes all obstacles and marks the beginning of every auspicious occasion.

Parad Charan Paduka:- Pair of Parad Charan Paduka is the footprints of Lords and other religious icons that are worshipped in symbolic form in houses and also in temples. This Parad Charan Paduka is mostly used by royalty and saints. Silver Parad Charan Paduka is worship by Hindu to gain the benefits. This Parad Charan Paduka is considering very lucky to have at home. Mostly on the occasion of Diwali, this Parad Charan Paduka is worship.

Parad Shree Yantra:- by worshiping Mahalakshmi and Parad Shree Yantra on Friday, Maa Lakshmi gives delighted powers and immense wealth to her devotees. The house where Mahalakshmi is worshiped with the Parad Shree Yantra, Lakshmi always lives in that house.

Parad Kachwa shree yantra:- The Kachwa had a huge contribution during "Samudra manthan" by giving support to the mandar parvat. 
worshiping kachwa Shree yantra on Diwali gives huge career and financial benefits to devotees. 

dakshinavarti shankh:- Dakshanavarti Shankha is considered very auspicious to have a conch shell in the house. This Dakshanavarti Shankha is considered “Subh” to keep at home. Keeping Dakshanavarti Shankha at home attracts good luck, wealth, and prosperity in the household. To get the maximum benefit of this Dakshanavarti Shankha put it in a clean place covered by red cloth and after that according to the astrology put this Dakshanavarti Shankha in right place in the right direction in your worship place.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha:- According to Hindu mythology, 7 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Goddess Laxmi. Because the goddess, Laxmi ruled this Rudraksha it always attracts wealth, prosperity, and luxury towards the wearer lifestyle. This rudraksha always brings new opportunities to create wealth.

Gomati Chakra:- With the use of gomati chakra, one can get rid of Kundali dosha and also attracts financial stability at the home. 

Laghu Nariyal:- Laghu Nariyal is a kind of smallest coconut found near sea areas. the importance of raw coconut is very crucial in Hindu puja. it protects devotees from the evil eye and black magic.

Lakshmi Kodhi:- This Kodhi is very beneficial in creating financial stability and attracts wealth from new sources.

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